If you are looking to dive into Astrology then these cards will be perfect for you. This Astro Deck was created to help beginners understand the different planets, zodiac signs, houses and aspects in Astrology and begin learning the basics and understanding their own Astrological birth chart.


Included in the deck: 

  • 52 Astrology based big cards (3.5"x 5.75") 
  • Personalized card with Name, birth chart and Sun, Moon and Rising listed for your personal knowledge. 
  • Info card with website to find your own birth chart and recommended youtubers to follow for more Astrology information.


This Astro Deck is a great place to start and a great way to begin your Astrology journey. Shoot for the stars!


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Personalized Understanding Astrology: Astrologybyb Astro Deck

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  • This Astrologybyb Astro deck will be available to be shipped on and after February 1, 2021. Thank you for your patience and purchase!

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